TEF was founded in 2003 by Dr. Bhaskar Ray Chaudhuri and has been at your service since then. Our main focus is to give you an excellent patient experience. And now we are revamped and refreshed to give you a safe patient experience as well. Our protocols and processes are especially geared to protect you from Covid-19 transmission in the clinic. All our staff are vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine. We recommend that you get vaccinated too.
Spacing of appointments:
You are advised to make an appointment always before coming. Appointment slots are so designed to avoid crowding inside the clinic. If you do not have an appointment you may have to wait outside the clinic until we are ready to let you in.
Temperature check:
Please note that as per current protocol nobody (including our staff) are allowed into the clinic without a temperature check.
All patients need to wear at least a well-fitting 3-ply mask. Masks with valves are not allowed. All staff members use a mask at all times and sometimes additionally use a faceshield. Please avoid unnecessary talking in the waiting areas and inside examination rooms, and definitely avoid shouting. Please keep your mask covering your mouth and nose at all times. If our staff feel that your mask is inadequate they may issue you one.

Hand hygiene:
You will be needed to sanitise your hands upon entry into the clinic and whenever thought fit by the attending staff or doctor. Sanitisers will be provided by us.
Physical distancing:
Please sit at the seat designated for you by the front office staff. Seats are so spaced as to keep safe distance between patients coming from different families. Patients from the same family may be clustered together to space them from others.
The waiting room and all other rooms are well ventilated using high flow fans. Airconditioning is used only in rooms with sensitive equipment. Even these rooms are ventilated
Paper trail:
You can opt for paperless records if you want to avoid handling paper - eReceipts and ePrescriptions will be mailed to you if you provide an email ID. If you want them in your WhatsApp please indicate the same to the staff on reporting. You can also WhatsApp your reports to our Business WhatsApp (9830939396) as images. Please send a message on WhatsApp stating your name and medical record number immediately before sending these images. You can also email your reports to
The only physical object that you need to carry with you is your existing spectacles