Lid Infections
The eyelid margin has many glands. Tiny glands which secrete sweat and tears surround the eyelashes, while larger oil secreting glands are present in a row further behind, within the lid plate. Inflammation of these glands presents as a swelling of the eyelid.

Stye is an acute inflammation caused by bacteria of the glands around the eyelashes. The swelling is painful, red and often shows a pus point near the lashes. The problem is relieved by warm compresses, antibiotic drops and ointments and some medication for the pain. Removing an eyelash, if over a pus point allows the pus to escape and allows quick healing.
Chalazion Stye

Inflammation of the larger oil glands, which are behind the lashes, also shows as a swelling, which is often painless. The swelling appears smooth from outside and is seen as a reddish swelling on the inner side of the eyelid. This condition, called chalazion is usually treated with warm compresses and ointments. Sometimes it may also become painful and then more vigorous treatment is required. Chalazia which do not shrink are treated with injections into the eyelid or a small operation to remove the trapped secretions.
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