Refractive Errors
Why does a child need glasses?
Children may need glasses for several reasons – some of which are different than for adults. Because a child’s vision system is growing and developing, especially during the first 5 or 6 years of life, glasses may play an important role in ensuring normal vision development.

The main reasons a child may need glasses are
  1. To provide better vision, so that a child may function better in his/her environment.
  2. To help straighten the eyes when they are crossed or misaligned (squint)
  3. To help strengthen the vision of a weak eye (amblyopia or lazy eye).

What are the different types of refractive errors that can affect children?

There are 4 basic types of refractive errors:
  1. Myopia (near-sightedness)
  2. Hyperopia (far-sightedness)
  3. Astigmatism
  4. Anisometropia

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